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Navi & Simone visit The Fletcher School at Tufts University

May 12, 2012 by jugaad_innovation in blog page with 0 Comments

Navi and Simone discuss Jugaad Innovation with law and diplomacy students at Tuft University’s Fletcher School. The authors were hosted by Dr. Bhaskhar Chakravorti, author and Executive Director of Fletcher’s Institute for Business in the Global Context and the Center for Emerging Markets Enterprises (CEME). (April 6, 2012. Medford, MA.)

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JUGAAD INNOVATION Western corporations can no longer just rely on the old formula that sustained innovation and growth for decades: a mix of top-down strategies, expensive R&D projects and rigid, highly structured innovation processes. Jugaad Innovation argues that the West must look to places like India, China, and Africa for a new, bottom-up approach to frugal and flexible innovation.

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