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Navi Radjou

Navi Radjou is a Silicon Valley-based innovation and leadership strategist. A Fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School, Navi has served on the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Design Innovation and contributes to Harvard Business Review online. Navi won the 2013 Thinkers50 Innovation Award and spoke at TED Global 2014. He is ranked as one of the 50 most influential persons shaping innovation in France.

He is the coauthor of Frugal Innovation: How To Do More With Less, which won the CMI Management Book of the Year 2016 Award.
A sought-after keynote speaker widely quoted in international media. Navi is Indian-born French national, who lives in Palo Alto, California.




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Dr. Jaideep Prabhu

Dr. Jaideep Prabhu is Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian Business and Enterprise and director of the Centre for India & Global Business at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. He has held positions at Imperial College London, Tilburg University (the Netherlands), and UCLA. Jaideep has a bachelor of technology degree from IIT Delhi and a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California.

Jaideep’s research interests are in marketing, innovation, strategy, and international business. His current research is on the globalization of innovation, and the role of emerging economies in this process.

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Dr. Simone Ahuja

Dr. Simone Ahuja is the founder of Blood Orange, a marketing and strategy consultancy with special expertise in emerging markets and innovation, and content production capabilities. Headquartered in Minneapolis, with teams in Mumbai, Blood Orange uses an agile, cost efficient content production process built on principles learned through extensive work in India, including jugaad.

Simone recently developed, produced, and directed the television series Indique—Big Ideas from Emerging India, for which she explored how innovation in India drives socioeconomic development.

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JUGAAD INNOVATION Western corporations can no longer just rely on the old formula that sustained innovation and growth for decades: a mix of top-down strategies, expensive R&D projects and rigid, highly structured innovation processes. Jugaad Innovation argues that the West must look to places like India, China, and Africa for a new, bottom-up approach to frugal and flexible innovation.

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